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Sunday, September 8, 2019

2019 - Post 15 - Is this the last club paddle for the year?

There was a club paddle scheduled for Sept 7 in Aquaforte; which seems to generally be the last club paddle for the calendar year.  The wind was forecast to be up in the afternoon and so it was cancelled.

On Friday afternoon Hazen and I were doing a short hike and he mentioned that maybe we should do a club paddle out of St. Philips in the morning, before the wind came up.  Good idea, buddy... He started walking around with his phone looking for a signal... he sent out an email, but wasn't sure if it got out and so found a signal further down the path and call President Dave to see if he received it... Yep, message received.

Saturday morning eleven of us congregated in St. Philips for a planned 9:30 put-in, with plans to paddle up to Portugal Cove, and back by noonish.  

Some pics to share...

Although it wasn't a long paddle, when we got to Portugal Cove we took out on a beach for a little leg-stretch and chat before heading back to St. Philips.

After the paddle half of us stopped at Bobby's (on the way back into town) for some paddle talk, refreshments, and eats... 

I don't know why we don't do this paddle more often as a club paddle.  It's a short drive for most of us to and from, and can be done in less than three hours, and that's taking our time with a beach break...

Anyway, it was a great idea Hazen... keep 'em coming.

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