If you just go for a paddle than you can stop thinking about wanting to go for a paddle.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

2015: Post 23 – Cape Broyle

Clyde suggested a paddle in Cape Broyle for yesterday. I checked my logbook and the last time I was there was almost a year ago!!!  So Clyde picked me up and we met Tony on the way....

Some pics to share....

Here's a short video clip I took as well...

It was a great day to be on the water.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

2015: Post 22 – This year's first camping trip

Tony, Brian, Terry, and I had been planning a camping trip on the Victoria Day weekend in Placentia Bay. We must have all been very good boys because we ended up with a stellar weather weekend...


On Saturday morning we put in at Fairhaven and followed the shore down to Big Seal Cove where we camped for the night...

Putting in on the slipway in Fairhaven

The trip begins


Tony going ashore for lunch


It was a cool morning and as the sun gained strength
the rocks began to look like they were on fire

This little cabin was blown over at some point in time...

Terry and Brian


Setting up the tents in Big Seal Cove

Terry feeding the cooking fire
Brian collecting bigger fuel for the evening fire

Happy hour under way


It was a beauty evening in Big Seal Cove


We woke to a lovely morning in Big Seal Cove.  After breaking fast and then breaking camp and paddled back up the shore to Trinny Cove by way of Iona and Brine islands...

Morning brought another splendid day

Terry cooking his breakfast... he made french
toast, which he shared around

On the water

An eagle

Terry  looking rather relaxed

Brian checking his maps

Lunch beach


Trinny Cove... home for the night

Terry looking like he could use a hand

Our grassy camp site

Tony silhouetted as he took a walk up a nearby hill 

Relaxing after supper

We got Terry to take a picture of us to send to our buddy  Hazen

It was a chilly night but there was
lots of beach wood to fuel the fire

When we were ready to call it a night we spread the coals
of the fire across the beach and Brian dumped a
few buckets of water over them for good measure


The morning was chillier than the last couple days.  We had our breakfast and packed up for the short paddle back to the cars...

Breakfast in Trinny Cove

Getting on the water for the short paddle back to the cars

Terry and Brian


Back on the slipway in Fairhaven

We covered just fifty-four kilometers over the three days.  The weather was unexpectedly pleasant for the middle of May and we knew we were lucky in that regards.  We had fairly easy paddling, some good meals, a lot of laughs, a few drinks, and a couple decent campfires.  

It was a great start to this years kayak camping trips.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

2015: Post 21 – An afternoon paddle

This morning it was windy and a bit on the miserable side.  Oh well... we'll just paddle in the afternoon then...

Six of us met in St. Philips for a short paddle up to Portugal Cove.

A few pics....

A pod of kayaks, all in a row


Hazen, Brian, and Terry


Hazen, Gerard, and Tony

I recorded a video clip of the guys as they came in for an easy take-out on the beach in Portugal Cove...

We mulled around the beach for a while and then headed back to St. Philips...

As always, this little paddle proved to be another fun day, especially with a bunch of good natured kayakers...