If you just go for a paddle than you can stop thinking about wanting to go for a paddle.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

2015: Post 35 – Bell Island

Later last night Tony suggested a longish paddle from St. Philips to Bauline and back. I looked at the map, looked at the weather... it would be about thirty kilometers with the first half into a forecasted fifteen kilometer northerly wind.  

I was feeling lazy after the drive out and back for the club paddle on Saturday, and the almost twenty-two  kilometer long paddle, and my initial thought was that I'd prefer a shorter paddle.  My next thought was "I must be be getting old and lazy..."  Okay, enough of that line of thought and I checked on my car availability... yep, good to go there.  I e-mailed Tony and let him know I was in.

Tony was already there when I arrived at St. Philips.  As I was getting ready he suggested we change our plans and paddle around Bell Island.  He had done this paddle a couple weeks ago by himself in a clockwise direction, and he suggested we do it in the other direction today.

I did a mental calculation...  it would be only a few kilometers longer than going up to Bauline, and we would paddle the outside, and more exposed, of the island against the bit of wind and waves. With just the two of us we could set a good pace (I wanted to be home by 3:30ish) and the outside should be a bit of fun paddling.  Okay, let's do it...

We were in the cockpits and pulling away from the bank of the river by the bridge at 8:20 am.  Out in the cove we put Bell island in our sites.

We made the crossing over to Dominion Pier where I laid my hand on one of the old piles. 

Then we proceeded clockwise around the island.  

We did not get out of our kayaks until 12:22 pm (25.4 kms per my GPS) when we pulled up on a little beach to have a lunch stop.

Tony (the geologist) found a rock with fossils on it and proceeded to give me a little lesson.

Just after we had got back on the water, Tony realized he had forgotten his cap and so he had to go back for it.  I shot a clip of him going back on the beach, but had to cut it short for fear I would get myself knocked over in the bit of surf with only one hand on my paddle...

This is a very important cap by the way, and Tony has had to rescue it a few times in the past while kayaking... not sure if he would rescue me or his beloved cap first if we were both in the water at the same time;  I'm thinking I might have to swim for a couple minutes, or he he may rescue me first and then send me in for his cap!!!

With his cap back on his head we paddled back to Dominion pier.

I stopped long enough to put my hand back on the same pile, thus confirming a true circumnavigation of the island in my mind.  Then we turned our bows toward St. Philips for the crossing back to the cars.

When we arrived at St. Philips we sat and waited for a motorized boat to enter the marina, even though we were clearly there ahead of the boat and did have the right to enter first.  

I rinsed off in the river and when I walked up the bank to the car I looked at the time... it was 14:20... exactly six hours after we started our 35.7 km (per my GPS) paddle. 

Another splendid day on the water... glad I got my "old and lazy" self into gear.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

2015: Post 34 – Northeast Arm Club Paddle

Today's club paddle took place in Northeast Arm, near the community of Placentia.  

Seven of us met at 10 am this morning, and by about 10:30 am we were on the water...

The put-in

Chris and Dale



Derek and Ron

The view looking up the arm

We paddled the ten-plus kilometers up the arm until we were stopped by the Northeast River, where we got out for lunch.

Shortly after we were back on the water we could see a couple kayakers coming toward us... it was Alex and Cecilia!  They had arrived late and could see us paddling up the shore... so they put-in and caught up to us close to where we had our lunch. 



The two stragglers went ashore for a break while the rest of us mulled around while we waited.

A few of the guys took the opportunity to do some rolls and rescue practice.

Shane and Terry

After a while we started our paddle back down the arm, following the opposite side of the shoreline.



We took out for a little stretch about halfway back...

... and got back on the water for the final stretch to the cars...

Today's paddle was lead by Terry and Ron.... 

It was actually a very pleasant day in Placentia, weather-wise.   I believe this particular area was the first time it was done as a club paddle.  The notice went out on the late side, and it is a bit of a drive out and back from town... so on behalf of Ron and Terry, thanks to all who showed up to share the day.  I believe all hands agreed it was a great day and a great little place for a club paddle...

Sunday, July 19, 2015

2015: Post 33 – Weekend paddlin'

Yesterday we had Level 2 type conditions so seven of us met in St. Philips for a run up to Portugal Cove.  A few paddlers with us do not avidly paddle in such conditions so it was a day for some to push past their comfort levels...  

We had a good day and there were plenty of us there to watch over the less comfortable paddlers.  All hands made it up to Portugal Cove and back with only one capsize.  Actually, I was glad there was a capsize so that participants could see the importance of practicing rescues... the rescues we do in practice really do come in handy when someone swims for real when on a paddle.  I think everyone had a good time, despite some apprehension in the bigger waves.  Of course I had forgotten my camera at home so no pictures!!!  

And this morning I paddled again.  I only had a short window of available time and so I decided on another short paddle from St. Philips to Portugal Cove.  There was less wind then yesterday and thus it was a more relaxed paddle.  Although Shane and Derek paddled with us yesterday they were up for another little paddle again today.... I think these guys might be turning into kayakoholics as well!!!

Anyway, here's a few pics from this morning's paddle on the way up to Portugal Cove...

Shane decided it was time for some rescue practice when we arrived in Portugal Cove.

With practice session over we carried on around the cove. 

... and then took out on one of the beaches for a little stretch before heading back.

There was a little iceberg outside of Portugal Cove and a few bergy-bits floating around.

When we arrived back at St. Philips we did a little more fooling around in the cove...

... and then we headed up the river to rinse off in the fresh water.

Thanks guys for another fun paddle for the second day in a row.