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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: Post 39 – Last Post for the year

This year has come to its calendar end.  In 2010 and 2011, as part of my kayaking goals, I had decided to be in my kayak(s) at least one-hundred times for the year; this would include paddles on the ocean, on a river, in the pool, on ponds, and practice/play days in the cove at St. Philips. 
Although I achieved the one-hundred numbers in both years, I had found that by the end of 2011 that in reaching my numbers goal I was sometimes going out just for the sake of hitting my target at the expense of setting aside other non-kayaking activities.  This is not necessarily a bad thing; sometimes you have to do what you have to do in order to meet set goals… and all the time spent in the kayak served me well to become a more relaxed, and therefore a more improved, paddler. 

When 2012 started I decided I was not going to set any goals other than to keep up my numbers for my ocean paddling (typically on weekends), and to get in as many summer camping trips as I could.  One problem that had become apparent was that I was sharing my vehicle more and more with my daughter, so my ability to get to pool sessions and St. Philips practices during weekdays was diminishing.  So I decided to go to pool sessions and practices when I was able, but to give weekend paddling the higher priority. 

Despite lesser access to my vehicle, a few poor weather days, and the usual bouts of cold and flu during the year, I still managed a respectable sixty-six times in the kayak for 2012.

My totals for this year are:

43 days paddling on the ocean
14 times at St. Philips
9 times at Tuesday pool sessions

Compared to the last couple years, I only managed to get to half as many outings at St. Philips and only a third of the pool sessions. But my ocean paddling remained on par with the last two years (41 in 2010, 44 in 2011).  My ocean paddles have totaled 725 kilometres this year (687 in 2010, 802 in 2011).  But in order to keep up my weekend paddling adventures I often had to rely on the generosity of paddling friends to transport me and my gear for paddles; a big thanks to Clyde, Hazen and Neville for the rides…  

I was blessed with three memorable camping trips this past year; a two day trip to Great Sandy Harbour, a three day trip to Irelands Eye, and a six day trip around Merasheen Island

Some of the people I paddled with during the year of 2012 include:






Sean and Cheryl


I am not setting any goals for 2013.  I intend to just continue my paddling efforts as I had done during this past year… I am just going to get out there when I am able and will have to see where it is that I will find myself in my kayak.

But I do think it will be a good year as I will be able to spend the latter part of 2013 in a new kayak… a few days ago I placed my order with our local Valley kayak dealer for a Nordkapp.  Yeah!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

2012: Post 38 - Holyrood to Harbour Main

Today we drove to Holyrood with the plan to paddle at least to Red Rock Cove.  But it was a little early when we got on the water, and so we continued on to Harbour Main where we had lunch before returning.

Some pics to share...

Put-in at Holyrood marina
Tony and Hazen

The view looking out Holyrood Bay

A bit of swell  created a wave large enough
to hid all but the end of Tony's paddle from me...

... here he is after the wave passed.

Hazen... today was the first time in over two
months that he has been on the water... work and a
good old cold has kept him away from the brine...

Spray in the area of Red Rock Cove

Lunch on the beach in Harbour Main
before returning to Holyrood

Back at Holyrood, we paddled into
the river to rinse off the salt water 

Da Boys....

Thanks for another fine paddle guys...

P.S. A few more pics from today on Tony's blog...

Saturday, December 15, 2012

2012: Post 37 - St. Philips to Brock Falls

Cool temperature and a promise of low winds.  Neville, Tony and I met at St. Philips this morning.  No real plan was in place other than to see once we got there... Once we got on the water we decided we would head to Portugal Cove.  

At St. Philips the water was  flowing up the concrete
slipway.  At times it came to where Neville is standing,
where Tony had initially parked his car.
 There was lots of swell to keep us interested between St. Philips and Portugal Cove...

When we got to Portugal Cove we decided we would continue up to Brocks Pond Falls...

Neville... his bow pointing
approximately to where the falls are.


The falls were flowing nicely... it's always a treat to paddle here, especially when it gets colder and the falls are ice-covered... like when we paddled here in March...

We hung around the falls for a little while and then headed back to St. Philips...


Another fine paddle finished.

Thanks guys for another memorable day on the water.  Won't be too many more paddle days before this year is over...

Sunday, December 9, 2012

2012: Post 36 - Bay Bulls

The last time I paddled was Nov 10 when Tony and I took the ferry over to Bell Island (see post 34).  The last time I was on the water was Nov 18 (see post 35) when we had a little bounce in St. Philips on a windy day.  I caught a bad cold just after that day.  It hung on to me like I was it's mother.  I had it long enough I decided to name it Philip.  Well, I had enough of Philip by this weekend, even though he has not quite left me.

The forecast for today was calling for light winds.  Time to pick  up the paddle again.  

The last time I was on the water with Tobias was Oct 14.  I do not think he had paddled since then.  Tony had not paddled for a while either... he nearly cut off his thumb a short while ago!!  So Tobias, Tony, and I met at Bay Bulls this morning for a little run out to South Head.

Some pictures to share...


Tony with a sore thump up... He found it difficult to put on the neoprene mitt
so he opted to use a rubber glove over his hand with a wool glove on top of it.
One way or another he was getting on the water today...  it was funny
to watch him trying to pull up his skirt... wish I would of taken a picture.

Put-in at the slipway on a beautiful Sunday morning.

Before long we could feel the effects of some swell coming into the bay

Tobias, happy to be on the water.

The swell a little further out...

... crashed over the rocks.


Usually we paddle inside these rocks.  But today we
had to be content to stay outside.  We also were not able
to safely enter the caves in the area today. 

Tobias and Tony at South Head

Although we were only a couple kilometers from the take-out,
we pulled up on a little beach to have a snack on the way back.

All hands, and one with a throbbing thumb,
made it back to the slipway.

 Thanks Tony and Tobias for another fun morning on the water...

Tony has some pics of the day on his blog entry as well...