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Saturday, December 22, 2012

2012: Post 38 - Holyrood to Harbour Main

Today we drove to Holyrood with the plan to paddle at least to Red Rock Cove.  But it was a little early when we got on the water, and so we continued on to Harbour Main where we had lunch before returning.

Some pics to share...

Put-in at Holyrood marina
Tony and Hazen

The view looking out Holyrood Bay

A bit of swell  created a wave large enough
to hid all but the end of Tony's paddle from me...

... here he is after the wave passed.

Hazen... today was the first time in over two
months that he has been on the water... work and a
good old cold has kept him away from the brine...

Spray in the area of Red Rock Cove

Lunch on the beach in Harbour Main
before returning to Holyrood

Back at Holyrood, we paddled into
the river to rinse off the salt water 

Da Boys....

Thanks for another fine paddle guys...

P.S. A few more pics from today on Tony's blog...


  1. Really nice paddle. I particular love chapels cove. Stopped in there on my way through a few times and met great people. Thanks for the shots of what looked like a fine day on the brine!

  2. Yeah Lee... it was a great day to be on the water. Have to take advantage of the nice days to get out there... might be fewer days to do so as winter kicks in over the next couple months, but hopefully we will have a mild winter.