If you just go for a paddle than you can stop thinking about wanting to go for a paddle.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

2017: Post 6 – The Young and the Wobbly

Shane, Hazen and I did a little paddle in the relative safety of Conception Harbour.  I checked Shane's blog this morning and he has already posted his pictures and account of the day. Here is a link to his blog entry... click HERE.

Here's a few of my own pics to add to Shane's...

Getting ready at the slipway

The Young (Shane) and the Wobbly (Hazen) getting out
for a stretch after only a couple kilometres.
(both of these guys are having sciatic issues)

Just before we got to Salmon Cove Point I had to pee (I really should give up drinking coffee before paddles).  I found a little nook and didn't want Jenny bouncing around on the rocks as the water was ebbing and flowing.  So I pushed Jenny out for Shane to hold on to her for me.  I took a little video of how well he was taking care of 'ol Jenny...



Sometimes there just aren't any
pretty, sandy beaches to take out on...

Our lunch spot

Da boys having a chat... probably about their ailments!!

Conception Harbour might not have towering cliffs and an abundance of wildlife to look at when paddling, and it is a little bit of a drive out and back from town.  However, I always seem to enjoy whenever we do a paddle there.  Thanks to Shane for organizing and leading yesterday's paddle.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

2017: Post 5 – Still some ice around

On Sunday past a few of us met at St. Philips to do a little paddling with the ice that is still hanging around. 

We spent some time paddling around the ice right in the cove at St. Philips....

Eventually we decided to head to Portugal Cove and see what ice there was to see along the way...

When we arrived at Portugal Cove we were stymied by a little field of ice...

We could have paddled around the ice field to get into the cove but instead decided to float there for a while before heading back to St. Philips...

It was just another short paddle but it was a good to get out with my kayaking buddies again.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

2017: Post 4 – Off the Kayak Wagon!!

I've been on the kayakoholic wagon for just over two months.  The last time I paddled was Feb 12th!!  Every night since then I have been attending meetings trying to get the paddle monkey off my back...

"Hi.  My name is Dean and I am a kayakoholic..."
"Hi Dean!"
"For me, it all started back in June of 2008..." (sniff, sniff, sob)
"It's okay Dean.  You're among friends here.  Take your time."

This morning I put my garbage out and it was quite chilly.  I went out to my shed and got the city-imposed mandatory net to put over the garbage at then end of the driveway.  There was Jenny.  I swear she winked at me.  I avoided eye contact and went back in the house. 

I figured I'd have a cup of tea and find my sweater.  Surf the internet; check my e-mails.  Then the desire began to come over me.  Poor thing; out in the shed half the winter... I knew I should not have glanced at her when I was out there.  Temptress.

I could go for just one little paddle.  Just one won't hurt a bit.

I e-mailed a couple of the guys to let them know I was gonna be at St. Philips in an hour's time if anyone was interested.  Only Terry showed up.  

We had a good bit of pack ice around the last while.  Most of it is gone now, but there were enough remnants of it left around between St. Philips and Portugal Cove to make the paddle enjoyable.

Some pics...

... and a little video clip...

Well, what can I say about this little stumble on my road to kayak sobriety?  I guess I'll start going to meetings again and start all over.  See if it sticks this time.