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Sunday, April 30, 2017

2017: Post 6 – The Young and the Wobbly

Shane, Hazen and I did a little paddle in the relative safety of Conception Harbour.  I checked Shane's blog this morning and he has already posted his pictures and account of the day. Here is a link to his blog entry... click HERE.

Here's a few of my own pics to add to Shane's...

Getting ready at the slipway

The Young (Shane) and the Wobbly (Hazen) getting out
for a stretch after only a couple kilometres.
(both of these guys are having sciatic issues)

Just before we got to Salmon Cove Point I had to pee (I really should give up drinking coffee before paddles).  I found a little nook and didn't want Jenny bouncing around on the rocks as the water was ebbing and flowing.  So I pushed Jenny out for Shane to hold on to her for me.  I took a little video of how well he was taking care of 'ol Jenny...



Sometimes there just aren't any
pretty, sandy beaches to take out on...

Our lunch spot

Da boys having a chat... probably about their ailments!!

Conception Harbour might not have towering cliffs and an abundance of wildlife to look at when paddling, and it is a little bit of a drive out and back from town.  However, I always seem to enjoy whenever we do a paddle there.  Thanks to Shane for organizing and leading yesterday's paddle.

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