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Saturday, July 25, 2015

2015: Post 34 – Northeast Arm Club Paddle

Today's club paddle took place in Northeast Arm, near the community of Placentia.  

Seven of us met at 10 am this morning, and by about 10:30 am we were on the water...

The put-in

Chris and Dale



Derek and Ron

The view looking up the arm

We paddled the ten-plus kilometers up the arm until we were stopped by the Northeast River, where we got out for lunch.

Shortly after we were back on the water we could see a couple kayakers coming toward us... it was Alex and Cecilia!  They had arrived late and could see us paddling up the shore... so they put-in and caught up to us close to where we had our lunch. 



The two stragglers went ashore for a break while the rest of us mulled around while we waited.

A few of the guys took the opportunity to do some rolls and rescue practice.

Shane and Terry

After a while we started our paddle back down the arm, following the opposite side of the shoreline.



We took out for a little stretch about halfway back...

... and got back on the water for the final stretch to the cars...

Today's paddle was lead by Terry and Ron.... 

It was actually a very pleasant day in Placentia, weather-wise.   I believe this particular area was the first time it was done as a club paddle.  The notice went out on the late side, and it is a bit of a drive out and back from town... so on behalf of Ron and Terry, thanks to all who showed up to share the day.  I believe all hands agreed it was a great day and a great little place for a club paddle...

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