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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011: Post 1 - Happy New Kayaking Year

Today the local kayak community did their annual New Years Day paddle at Quidi Vidi.  The temperature on my car's thermometer was reading 0 deg C, but the wind was blowing and it felt colder with the wind chill.  We did not go far, just outside the cove.  I counted 16 boats, but I do not know if there were others farther inside out of my field of vision.  

I noticed that no one was doing rolls, just paddling around and socializing, which is the intent of this day.  But I just figure it's the thing to do.  I did one roll just away from the slipway on my strong-side when I first got on the water.  After I did a little paddling around for an hour or so I then did my strong-side roll again outside the narrow passageway to QV, and then did my weak-side roll to even things up.  I had my neoprene hood on but the water was cold to my face.  But it felt good.

I wonder what this year's kayaking will bring for me.  I have only set one concrete goal - I intend to get in at least three camping trips.  A multi-day trip would be nice.  Paddling friend Tony has already told me of one he would like to do.... paddle to somewhere (I cannot remember where), set up base camp, and then do a couple day trips from that location.  Sounds like a plan to me.

I have set several 'soft' goals.  I call them soft goals because I am not at all confident I will be able to attain them.  I intend to do more work on my house and will probably go on vacation since we did not take one last year (except for one long weekend when we went out of town).  I would like to maintain my status in the Centenarian Kayaker Club (minimum 100 times in a kayak in the calender year) and would also like to get in more day paddles than last year with a minimum distance of 750 km in total.   But these I think are quite lofty goals given my non-kayaking life commitments.... just how far away is my retirement anyway? - maybe I need to have another talk with my financial adviser...  

I will paddle this year with these concrete and soft goals in mind.  I will feel disappointed if I cannot get in the camping trips.  I will not feel overly disappointed if I cannot reach my soft goals, although I will endeavour to reach them.

I hope 2011 is a good kayaking year for everybody.


  1. Hey Dean. Congrats on the new blog. Looking forward to your posts.Great New Year's Day paddle, eh?


  2. Now you need a camera! Hope you enjoy this side of paddling.

    Tony :-)