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Saturday, June 11, 2011

2011: Post 19 – A newly discovered coastline (for me)

A couple weeks ago I was on a paddle from Tors Cove to La Manche (see Post 17).  I have done that paddle twice before.  I have also paddled out of Brigus South toward Cape Broyle a couple times.  But I have not paddled the part of the coast between Brigus South and La Manche.  We planned to do it last fall but when we arrived the swell coming into Brigus South made it too risky so we changed our plans and paddled out of Tors Cove instead.

Yesterday I was included in an e-mail from Peter Noel who offered a paddle from Brigus South to La Manche.  I had not paddled with Peter in quite some time.  Dave Ennis had started teaching me the mechanics of rolling near the end of my first kayaking summer, and it was Peter who continued my instruction and who was present when I did my very first roll...

Here's my pictures from todays paddle....

Gearing up at Brigus South.
The only part of kayaking that I find more annoying than
gearing up is gearing down after the paddle...

 Some pics as we paddled to La Manche...

Peter Noel
 Been a long time since I paddled with you, buddy.
I think the last time might have been when you
rescued me from a capsize at Cape Broyle a couple years ago...

Brian Duffet
I have learned a lot from Brian through his help at
Thursday practices and by watching him on the many
paddles I have been on with him.
Gary Davies
I have paddled steadily with Gary over the past couple years.
He has a WW background and often impresses
 me with boat handling skills in the rougher stuff. 

Sean Dawe
I've paddled a lot with Sean the last couple years.  He is very
much at ease on the water and has developed his kayaking
skills at a rather fast rate, especially his rolling skills.  He made the
 boat he is in above (plywood) during Jan and Feb this year
 and is now about to begin a skin-on-frame one....

Dan Miller
I have not paddled with Dan before except on a few
club paddles.  But you can tell he has been paddling
a long time by watching him on the water.

Steve Miller
Like his father, Dan, I have not paddled with Steve except
on a couple club paddles.  From watching him on today's
paddle I could easily see he is very skilled...

just paddling along...

When we arrived at La Manche there was a group of Cubs there who welcomed us ashore.  They were on an overnight trip in the area and I think they were excited by our arrival.

Not much room here for sever boats to land, but the tide was down...

Our lunch area, just above the "beach"
(you can just see the stern of Brians kayak below)

There was some swell along the way, nothing too intense though.  But now and then one of the guys would get in close to the shore somewhere which allowed for a few action shots...

Peter surfing through...

Steve, almost hidden from my view...

Gary getting in close....

The temp was about 12 C.  Per my GPS, we were on the water just under 3 hours, and stopped for lunch for about 3/4 hour, and covered just about 18 kilometers.  It was a great day and a great little paddle.


  1. Dean; I'm going to hang up my camera and designate you the official trip photographer from now on!! Good job on capturing the day in pictures.


  2. Thanks Sean. I avoided buying a camera for a long time; it really did not interest me. But since I did get one a while ago I find it fun and interesting to try to get 'action' shots of all you guys that I paddle with.... which, of course, is usually not that hard to do with our regular paddling crowd!!!

  3. Yup, missed a good one.

    Tony :-)

  4. Great pics Dean. The slot where Peter is going through looks like a great place to play.