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Monday, October 8, 2012

2012: Post 31 – The British Invasion

Hazen, Clyde, Tony and I met at St. Philips this morning.  i was looking forward to trying Clyde's Nordkapp RM again...  We paddled down to Topsail Beach, had a little break, and then paddled a little further before turning to head back.  On our way back we could see three other kayakers coming toward St. Philips.  It was Des, Malcolm, and Gerard out for their own morning paddle...

A few pictures…


Take-out on Topsail Beach


Gerard washing up in the river at St. Philips

Hazen making sure Clyde and Gerard
do a good job rinsing off the gear...

Back at the slipway...

On the slipway it looked like a British kayak invasion... There were seven paddlers all paddling Valley kayaks.  There was an Aquanaut LV RM, a Nordkapp RM, two Nordkapp's, and three Nordkapp LV's (one of them a carbon/kevlar).  

Seeing all these Valley kayaks in the picture above, I remembered a posting on the newsgroup a while back.  I did a search and found it...  Someone was looking to buy a kayak and was asking for recommendations.  Part of a response posted by Malcolm said  "Forget the rudder. Forget North American design. The war is long over. The British have won!"  I know some will disagree, but I think a lot of people just might be of the same opinion...

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