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Saturday, November 10, 2012

2012: Post 34 – Reprieve from St. Philips

I checked my paddling log book.  The last five times on the water all started from St. Philips.... Tony was with me four of those five times.  

The forecast for today called for wind.  Normally it would be a great day to head to St. Philips and play in the waves... But I think Tony had enough  of St. Philips lately because he e-mailed and suggested taking the ferry over to Bell Island and paddling in the protection of the island from the anticipated westerly wind... Sounded like a good plan to me.  

We e-mailed the usual crowd, but only Tony and I showed up at the ferry terminal this morning.  We carried our kayaks and gear onto the ferry for the twenty minute crossing...

The ferry arriving with from Bell Island

Arriving at Bell Island

It was just a short carry to the beach beside the ferry terminal

Just paddling along

Tony checking out one of the little beaches

Just around the Eastern Head we were
back into the effects of the wind

Tony having a look at the tunnel entrance
(too much action to make a safe attempt today) 

The wind had really picked up by the time we got back
to the terminal.  We decided we would cut our
paddle shorter than planned...

... and got out of our paddling gear...

...and then carried the kayaks back to the terminal.

Tony ran over to the nearby take-out and brought back
some fries for us to snack on while we waiting
for the ferry for the return trip

We had only paddled about half the distance we had set out to cover today.  But we did take our time in the paddling and had a bit of fun along the way... and the ferry rides over and back to Bell Island were certainly a change of pace.  It was a great way to spend a windy Saturday. 

Also check out Tony's blog entry on the day...


  1. We gotta stop spending so much time together ... people are going to start talking *lol*

    Excellent adventure overall and nicely captured in your shots of the day.

    Tony :-)

  2. Just another one of Tony and Dean's excellent adventures. I wonder just what is keeping the rest of the regular crew busy... I'm getting tired of talking about them when they don't show up for a paddle...

  3. I find that I have too many things to be doing and not enough time. And when the weekend rolls around I weigh the time in the boat versus a lot of things I can be doing "ashore" and the paddling tends to lose out. There was a time when I'd be champing at the bit to on the water and when I saw the adventures of others, I'd feel like I really missed out. Funny how that feeling passes with time.

    I did notice my ears were burning on Saturday AM but I just attributed it to the epoxy I was working with - must've got some on my skin or something!!

  4. yeah, you're right Sean... there are always lots of things to do and not enough time. You have to choose how to spend your time on weekends when you work Mon to Fri. Since my daughter finished high school I have found that I have much more free time on weekends so getting some water time is easier for me...