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Saturday, March 30, 2013

2013: Post 10 – After the Storm-surge...

The weather people were calling for northwest 45 km wind this afternoon, but the seas were much calmer today compared to yesterday (see pics on Tony's blog from yesterday).  So this afternoon Tony, Tobias, Sean, and I  met in St. Philips for a little post-storm-surge playtime in the cove...

A few pics...

After yesterdays stormy weather, there was debris floating
in the water, but mostly near the beach.  But we still had to keep
an eye open for stuff still bobbing around out in the cove.... 

Sean and Tobias getting ready

Sean in his Point Bennet






Be sure to check out Tony's write-up and pics from this afternoon...


  1. Dean, the conditions in the cove today were not that much different from storm surge yesterday. The only thing was that yesterday it may not have been safe to re-enter the harbour.

    Tony :-)

  2. right... the biggest difference, as attested by your pics from Friday, was at the shoreline and through the channel. It was 'much calmer' at those locations, making it safer to get out into the cove and back in again...