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Sunday, September 8, 2013

2013: Post 43 – Aquaforte Club Paddle

Yesterday Gerard (a.k.a. 'the G-man' or just 'G') led the annual Aquaforte club paddle. There were twenty eight kayaks; one of them a double.  It was a glorious September day with sunshine and warm temperatures.

Since this paddle would be my last weekend paddle until the end of September (I'll be doing the Safe Kayaking  Level 2 course over the next couple weekends...) I was more interested in paddling than taking pictures... But here are nearly half the ones I did take... 

I have to give credit to the G-man... Club paddles generally have large groups and therefore it tends to take a while to get the group off the beach and on the go, and then larger groups often get strung out once on the water.  G-man said the put-in time would be 10:30 am and I think it was only 10:45 when we were on the water and moving... and G tends to do a good job keeping the group relatively bunched up once we are on the water.   His experience as a kayak guide for one of the local outfitters is a real asset when it comes to leading club paddles.  You da man, G!!

G-man after breaking a Greenland paddle
during the 2011 Paddling Symposium
(I think this is probably my favorite picture I've
taken of G... despite my camera being fogged up)

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