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Saturday, December 21, 2013

2013: Post 59 – Winter Solstice paddle

Tony and I paddled today; others were busy.  We did not really have any set plan other to meet at St. Philips in the morning and paddle in the falling snow that was promised to us by the weather people.

The wind was forecasted to be from the east (15 km in the morning and 35 km in the afternoon) so we decided to paddle up to Portugal Cove.  When we arrived there Tony suggested we continue up the shoreline to Brocks Pond Falls.   The last time we were there was in August with Hazen and Clyde; it was a nice warm day then... click here to see the pics from that day.  

Since the wind was supposed to pick up in the afternoon, I suggested we paddle towards the falls and if we did not get all the way it would not matter... so we carried on up the shore.  Before long we were at the falls, hung around for a little bit, and then paddled back to St. Philips.

Here's a few pics to share...

The higher wind called for in the afternoon never did materialize and we ended up having a spectacular Winter Solstice paddle... and the fish and chips we had at the nearby restaurant was a great way to finish off the paddle...  

Thanks Tony, for the paddle and for the lunch.

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  1. Excellent paddle as usual Dean; your shots really captured the day. Busy this evening with grandfather related stuff so I'll post tomorrow morning.

    Tony :-)