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Monday, April 28, 2014

2014: Post 10 – My new camera

Yesterday we paddled out of Colliers.  It was an excellent day but I was not able to take any pics... my camera died the week before during our paddle at Cape Broyle (see previous post).  I found myself looking at many things thinking "... now that would make a good pic..."  But Tony took lots of pics and you can see them on his blog entry of the day... click here.

Anyway, after Cape Broyle I spent some time on the internet looking at camera's and finally settled on the Olympus TG-850.  I ordered it from Olympus Canada on Tuesday April 22, and it shipped on Thursday April 24.  I received it today (Monday April 28)... That was fast!  I checked my Visa statement on-line and still have not been billed for it.  Maybe they forgot!

My old one was an Olympus Tough 3000 and I admit that I used it pretty hard for the three years I had it.  It was on all my kayak paddles (except when I forgot to bring it a few times), and was on all my camping trips, and a few Thursday evening practices as well.  I even took it on a few job-sites with me too.  Every picture on this blog prier to this entry was taken with it, and many, many more that I did not post.  I did not baby the camera but did not intentional abuse it either.  There were a few times I found it dangling on my tether, bouncing against the side of my kayak as I paddled away trying to figure out what that funny sound was that I was hearing...  I did make it a point to rinse it with fresh water after each paddle.

Anyway, here is the very first picture that I thought would be a good one to take with my new camera... it is a picture of my old one...

Stylus Tough
Rest in Peace

I hope my new one serves me as well as my old one. 


  1. That was a quick delivery. Looking forward to the shots from your new camera.

    Tony :-)

  2. Just curious why you ordered online. This model is on sale at Best Buy for 219.00. Is that around what you paid?

  3. Oooops sorry!!!. Forgot to add - "Nice looking piece of camera gear!!"

  4. I paid the 229 as is shown on the Olympus link above... I looked around on-line at the time but couldn't find it any cheaper... can't remember if I looked at Best Buy or not...