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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

2014: Post 20 – Oh, Islands of Tors Cove

The conversation went something like this... 

"I'm thinking about a paddle on Tuesday, Dean.... but I want to be home by 2 pm"
"Well, Hazen, how about we forget the waivers and do a non-club paddle, but still open it up to whoever wants to come along..."
"Okay.  How about Tors Cove, or Witless Bay?"
"Tors Cove would be good, Hazen. You and I could stay inside the islands with any newer paddlers that might show up, and the more experienced ones can paddle outside if they want to..."
"Sounds like a plan, Dean.  You post it to the newsgroup..."

So eight paddlers showed for a Canada Day paddle in Tors Cove.  But all eight were more experienced paddlers and so we paddled as one group.  We went out around Fox Island and then made a bee-line for Great Island.  We fooled around Cribby Rocks for a while and then paddled on the outside of the island.  We were able to get through the tunnel at the southern end of the island, and paddled along the west side and crossed over to Ship Island where we pulled up on the beach for lunch.  From there is was just a short paddle back to the cars.

Here's a map of the the islands at Tors Cove...

And of course here's some pics to share for those who could not join us...

The put-in

Yep, those are caplin

Julie and Greg

Brian and Julie

Hazen, Julie, and Brian

If you timed it right you could get through this hole.
About half of us did, but my timing wasn't that
great and I had to push myself off the beach.


(I do believe he said this was his very
first paddle in Newfoundland waters)


Brian and Hazen


Looking out of one of the caves at Great Island



Ron and Graham

Old Wobbly, almost through the tunnel

Julie emerging from the tunnel

Ron didn't have his kayak pulled up far enough on the lunch beach
and the water decided to claim it, and the wind pushed it away.
He had to swim for it while I took a couple pictures, and others
wondered if someone would have to go after it in their kayak...
But Ron managed to reclaim his kayak without assistance.
The same thing happened to Jenny last year, but I believe it was
Old Wobbly that saved her.

There is a flock of sheep on Ship Island, but we only saw this
one little lamb.... and not a bottle of coke in site.

A 'gaggle of kayakers', although they were quite orderly and
really did not make much noise.  When they are actually in
their kayaks they are known as a 'pod of kayakers'

I believe it was Old Wobbly that mentioned there wasn't a Canadian flag to be seen among us... we just did not plan it well enough... but that'll be something to keep in mind for next year.  

Thanks to those that came along.  It was a most enjoyable morning on the water.


  1. Don't worry about the flag Dean, its Memorial Day in Newfoundland and it was so long before we were sold down the river by Joey.

    Tony :-)

  2. Just curious how far you were going to let Ron swim before someone decided to help? Oh, you guys!!! I seem to recall Tony stopping for a quick "refreshment" break just off Portugal Cove or St. Philips when this happened to him.I believe we were all on the water a little further offshore, sitting there and wondering how long it was going take Tony to catch his boat. And I thought kayakers were, for the most part, a helpful crowd!!

  3. ... as long as the person swimming is gaining on the kayak then it is fun to watch. Once the kayak is moving away faster than the person can swim then it's time to jump in a kayak and go after it....