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Friday, June 19, 2015

2015: Post 27 – Maintaining North Cape Jenny

In my Nordkapp, where the fibreglass bulkhead behind the seat contacts the hull, there are cracks that have developed over time.  The cracks are not in the hull itself, but in the resin of the bulkhead where it is glassed onto the hull.  I suspect it is caused from the hull buckling a little from sitting on too many rocks when the water sucks out from under the kayak!  

I have also noticed a couple wear spots in the fibreglass where the heels of my boots contact the floor of the hull.  The resin has actually been worn away and the cloth is frayed.

A few paddles ago I noticed some water in my day-hatch.  I had a look at things and sure enough, one of those cracks had opened up. 

It was time to do some maintenance, so this morning I took Jenny out of the shed, removed my foam seat, and vacuumed her out.

First, I repaired the spot worn down by my heels. I was going to just build up some resin over the spots but decided to glass in a piece of fibreglass cloth.  I figured my heels would eventually just wear away the resin over time and I'd be down to the original fibreglass cloth again. My heels will now have to wear away the resin and this extra cloth before it gets down to the original material.

Then I glassed over the cracks in the bulkhead.  I didn't see the need to add any cloth to this area... I just needed to fill in the cracks with resin.

I thought about adding a little cloth over the bigger crack, and maybe I should have since I was at it, but I don't believe the integrity of the bulkhead is compromised by this crack.  My intent is to keep water out of the day-hatch, so I figured I would just give it a good coating of extra resin.  If it happens to open up again then I will add some cloth at that time....  

I've scolded Jenny many times about going near the rocks.  She's been listening pretty well lately too, but often she says to me, "Hey bud, we're not out here just for Sunday paddles... we gotta have a little fun."

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