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Sunday, January 31, 2016

2016: Post 3 – Calling all kayakoholics...

There were no paddle plans for this weekend!!

I woke up this morning and laid in bed for the better part of an hour before I decided to get up and have a cup of tea. I looked out the window and then checked the weather... looked like a decent day to get on the water... 

The weather forecast was calling for west 20 km wind this morning and I guessed there should be some residual energy in the water from the bit of a storm we had on Friday and Saturday.

I thought I might just go for a little solo water time out of St. Philips, but then decided to send an e-mail to see if there were any kayakoholics that were available to get ready on short notice and paddle in the chilly -8 C (-11 C with the windchill) morning temperature.

Within a few minutes I had an e-mail from Derek that he would be there.  Then Tony called the house wondering about the meeting time.... Then I sent a text message to Shane that woke him up, and he replied back that he would be there as well.   Yep...  there sure were a few kayakohlics up this morning!!!

When I arrived in St. Philips Derek was already there.  Shortly after Brian showed up - one more kayakoholic to add to the group.  Before very long Tony arrived, and the four of us busied ourselves with preparations while we waited for Shane to arrive.

Tony elected for a seal launch off the slipway...

... and then Brian followed.

We decided to head down to Topsail Beach.

When we arrived at Topsail people and kayaks were slicked over with ice...

... but everyone was all smiles.

We didn't stay on the beach too long in the chilly morning before getting back on the water and heading back to St. Philips.

I think that some of the memorable paddles tend to be the ones that just happen without planning... they are like a surprise, or a gift, that you did not expect to receive.

Thanks to Tony, Brian, Derek and Shane for getting ready on such short notice and joining me on a fun morning paddle on the last day of January... you guys all get a star beside your name in my kayak book!!!

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