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Monday, July 4, 2016

2016: Post 18 – Lackadaisical Me

It's been a while since I put entries on my blog.  The excuses.... I had gone on a mini-vacation out of town and then a longer one out of province a couple days later, had to go out of town for a few days for work, and then had a flu for a couple weeks (still not quite over it yet).  

Between things I have managed some water time, and a couple hikes as well.  I have been taking pictures too, but I have just been quite lax in posting them.  So following is a summary of my paddling and a few pics since my last post on May 16th!!!

June 5:  The Swim

Shane, Terry, Ron, Neville and I went to Placentia to play in the current under the bridge.  During play-time I dropped my edge, got knocked over, and did a successful roll.  About a half hour later I found myself upside down again, blew my first roll attempt, swallowed some water, didn't get any air, blew my second attempt, and then popped the skirt. 

Shane came to my rescue, paying back for the rescue training we've imparted on him over the last while.  I could be wrong, but I do believe I was Shane's first 'real' rescue.  Glad I was able to help him out...

June 12:  The Infamous Cape Broyle Shower Scene

Clyde suggested Cape Broyle for the day.  Tony, Cathy, Julie, Derek, Gary, and I joined him and we had a fantastic day on the water...

What happens on a paddle is supposed to stay on a paddle, unless someone posts it to their kayaking blog!!!  So send your young children out of the room before playing the following gratuitous shower scene's in Cape Broyle...  

June 26: Club Paddle

Hazen decided to get a club paddle on the go and we had 19 paddlers partake!!!  I believe this was the first club paddle of the year as The Father's Day Paddle was cancelled due to wind...

June 24: On the pond

Hazen's roll had become rusty so he and I went to a warm pond after my work day to work  on things. I forgot my camera so no pics...

July 1: St. Philips

Good 'ol St. Philips.  Brian, Cathy, Hazen, Gary, Tony, and I met in the cove.  We mucked around in the cove for a while and then got in a short paddle.  We only meant to go for a couple hours but I think it was more like fours hours by the time we called it a day.  As we were paddling back to the cove we mat Dave who was out for a little paddle of his own.  It was a very nice and relaxing way to spend part of Canada Day...

July 2: The Assessment

Four of my paddling buddies and I have decided to pit our skills against an upcoming Paddle Canada Level 4 course coming up in August in Burgeo, Newfoundland.  However, the five of us did not have the prerequisite Level 3 certification! 

On Saturday past, we went to Placentia where instructors from The Newfoundland Kayak Company provided a full day Level 3 assessment and training course.  We all passed the requirements of the assessment/training... handshakes all around and pats on each other's backs!!  And a big thanks to Richard Alexander and Ian Fong for the instruction, guidance, and knowledge imparted upon us, and for the 'fun factor' you guys put into the day as well.

The five of us are very much looking forward to spending five days pitting what we have learned so far on courses and on our own, as well as our paddling and tripping experiences, against the Level 4 coursework, and we also look forward to acquiring some new paddling skills and knowledge.  

If you happen to talk to Richard about the upcoming Level 4 course you are likely to walk away thinking that he is just as excited (perhaps even more) about getting us on the course in Burgeo as we are to be doing the course ourselves.

I did not take many pics as we were pretty busy during the day, but here's a couple...

Left to right: Hazen, Ron, Ian (Instructor), Neville, Terry, and Richard (Instructor)

The student's headed to the local Tim Horton's restaurant for supper and a chat after the long day, and the instructor's just grabbed a coffee to have on the drive back to town.

Hazen and I had decided to stay out in the area overnight for our first camping trip of the year instead of driving back to town that evening.  We found a little spot by the water's edge in Ship Cove, set up our tents, had a few drinks and a fire, and turned in after midnight.

So there you go... I've been alive, busy, and well (except for the flu) since my last post in the middle of May....  Must try to keep up to date on future posts; this one has taken me a while to put together...


  1. Awesome Dean! So good to see you back at the blog and sharing the news and paddles :) Congrats on Level 3!!! I loved the shower scenes :) Great blog! :)

  2. Glad to see you're back blogging! Great summary of your recent kayak experiences. Congrats too on getting level III certification.

    Tony :-)

  3. I was wondering when you'd come join us again! Great to have a little summary of all the past trips. And yes my first rescue was rescuing the teacher ;). You still alive and with us today so you taught me well!!!