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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

2016: Post 20b – Tack's Beach - Day 2

I had been awake for a while, laying in my hammock and listening.  I couldn't hear anyone stirring on the beach and decided to make my breakfast of oatmeal and tea.  I ate my oatmeal, kicked off my boots and layed in my hammock while sipping on my tea.  Life was good.

I began to hear people stirring around.  Shane had hung his hammock close to mine (we actually each hung our foot end off the same tree) and he had made extra bacon with his breakfast and passed a couple pieces to me under our tarps.... note to self: hang hammock near Shane on future trips.... mmmm, bacon!!

When I went down to the beach people were eating....

And Neville was doing a little homework for our upcoming Level 4 Sea Kayak course...

We hatched a plan for the day.  We would paddle north, on the west side King's Island.  Off we went... 

... paddling in the serenity of Long Reach.

Along the way we found a little nook to have a break and a snack...

... and checked the map before proceeding.

The plan was to paddle up past North Tilt Island and up around Hollets Islands before crossing over to the east side and heading back south. 

On the way back down we found a nice little spot to take out for lunch; I believe it was on Billy Green Island.

After lunch we got on the water.  The wind had picked up and we had to get down to the business of paddling the six or seven kilometres, until we reached  Redhead Point where we could turn up into the shelter of Best's Harbour and to our camp on Tack's Beach.  I didn't take any more pictures during the paddle.

At camp it was Hazen's turn to supply supper for me.  He had brought porkchops and we cooked over a fire again...

We cleaned up supper dishes and scrounged up some wood for the evening's fire.  Again, like the previous night, we had a few drinks, and lot of laughs.

One by one we called it a night and retreated to our sleeping accommodations...


  1. OK, now I'm getting depressed seeing what I missed. I won't let that happen again. Not jealous, glad though you guys had such a great time.

    Tony :-)

  2. You were very missed Tony... and of course talked about :) We had huge fires to lessen your absence. I am glad you will not miss again ! :)
    great pix and blog Dean! Thanks for the times guys and Sue! :)