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Monday, September 5, 2016

2016: Post 23 – Bull Arm

Labour Day weekend was approaching.  I was thinking I might just hop on a bus and go visit relatives for the weekend, so I decided not to be part of trip planning or to commit to anything.  

Clyde sent out a late-decision e-mail to see if a couple of us wanted to spend a night in Bull Arm.  I am still at the mercy of my paddling buddies for rides these days, so Clyde picked me up in the morning.  We met Shane and Derek along the way as we drove to Chance Cove for the put in.

Pics of the trip....

Put-in at Chance Cove (pic by Derek)



Derek and Clyde


Supper under Big Yellow

Shane enjoying the beach life
Enjoying the evening campfire (pic by Shane)

Early morning

The view at breakfast time

A morning walk along a Caribou trail

Looking down Stock Cove
 Not sure who was the most curious...


Take-out at Chance Cove

This is the fourth weekend in a row that I have camped...

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  1. Nice easy paddle guys... but the surf was up in the southern shore Chance Cove... you went to the wrong one! :)