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Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016: Post 30 – Last post for the year

The 2016 paddling season is now closed. It has been open for 365 days.  I've had a very good paddling year and have added a new activity to compliment my kayaking life..

If you look at the numbers,this year I only managed 44 days on the ocean totaling 736 kilometres, with another 10 days at St. Philips, the pool, river, and pond.  My numbers are down when compared to previous years.  Last year my butt was in my kayak 61 days, totaling 1018 kilometres.  In 2014 I totaled 921 kilometres over 53 days, and 2013 had me at 1190 kilometres in 69 days.  There were another 53 days spread out over 2013, 2014, and 2015 that were spent in the kayak for practice, river, pool or pond days, plus more days while I completed the Safe Kayaking Level 2 course in 2013.  So yeah, compared to other years my numbers are down. 

On the other hand, I got in six kayak camping trips this year; five of them were over-nighters, and one was a four day trip in July.  This is the highest number of kayak camping trips so far in a year since I started kayaking.

I successfully passed the Safe Kayaking Level 3 Assessment that was offered in early July, which allowed me to do the Level 4 course during the first week of August...  We camped for five days in the area of Burgeo, Newfoundland, where the course took place, adding another camping trip to my tally this year.  [If interested, click HERE for my post on that trip.]  

In late 2015 I decided that I just wasn't doing enough walking, and so I took up hiking this past year.  I have found hiking to be a very good compliment to paddling; on days that are too windy for sensible paddling, or if I just feel a need to get out and get my legs moving, I take to the trails.  My first hike this year was on February 27, and my last hike was on December 29.  My hiking tally has come to 292 kilometres over 29 days, which included four overnight camping trips. 

A couple pics of me... 

A hike day

A paddle day

If I add my kayaking days on the ocean and days on the trails together, I have paddled and walked 1028 kilometres over 73 days during the year, and got in 11 camping trips.   But those are just numbers to tally up and do percentages with.  What these numbers really mean to me are many fun days on the water and the trails, and lots of nights around campfires, shared with some good friends.  

Thanks to all those that have paddled and hiked with me this year; we've had some fun trips in 2016.  And I especially want to thank those that picked me up so I could get on some of the paddles, hikes, and camping trips that I would have otherwise missed... I've been car-less on a lot of weekends this past year, and would have missed some really good times if it were not for them. I'd name names but am apt to leave someone out... but they know who they are, and I really appreciate them going out of their way for me.

So that's it then. Another year is in the books.  I hope everyone reading this has had an enjoyable year in their outdoor pursuits.  Be safe out there on the water in 2017, and on the hiking trails too... and do always try to remember that we are all in this thing together when we are out there...

Happy New Year  

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  1. You had a good year then Dean! Some years you do not paddle as much as others because of circumstances but the numbers are still impressive.