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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

2017: Post 17 – Shane's second Level 1 Course

Shane would be free this past weekend and there was some talk of doing some paddling or maybe a little trip as it was a three day weekend.  Instead he decided he would offer another Level 1 Sea Kayaking course if there was enough interest... he ended up with six students; twice as many as he had for his first course. I offered my assistance once again as six people are a handful for just one person to keep an eye on.

He decided to do rescues on the pond Friday evening since with a larger group it would take more time.  There was no discussion of paddle strokes or boat control, but we watched  as the students paddled between rescues to see at what skill levels people were. 

The next morning Shane met his group and went over the paddling theory portion of the course.  I didn't attend but in retrospect I should have... there's always little things to learn and it's a good idea to get re-introduced to basic information now and then.  

During the afternoon we were back on the pond learning about paddle strokes and skills.   I sat on the grass and showed them what I have learned about the forward stroke from previous instructors, and added things I have figured out on my own or learned from books and Youtube... Perhaps it was too much information at Level 1 but I think it's best for people to try to start off right rather then develop bad paddling form and then have to try to correct it later to be a more efficient paddler.  Shane followed up by demonstrating the forward stroke when we got on the water...

Sunday was the day on the ocean.  The weather was perfect for Level 1.  Some of the students had not paddled on the salt water before and I asked a couple of them what their comfort level was... closer to the end of the day I asked the same question and the number had risen... the more time you spend on the ocean the more your comfort level will increase.

We geared up and had a discussion about the the plan for the day and had a look at the Chart and Topo map for the area...

Then it was time to launch... I think this is the part of the course that students look forward to the most...

We made our way across the bottom of the bay and handrailed the shoreline, using the skills Shane had taught the days before.....

As we paddled along there were reminders about torso rotation and using paddle strokes to control the kayak.  We discussed on-water communication, and the importance of sticking together and keeping an eye on each other.  We had a salt water rescue practice or two on the way.  Finally it was time to pull up on a beach and have lunch....

After lunch Shane talked about paddles and boat design...

Then it was time to get back on the water and make our way back to the take-out, on the way practicing things that had been learned... 






And of course the class photo had to be taken before people headed for home...

Shane     Jeff     Peter     Robert     Heather     Sharon     Paul

Congratulations once again to Shane for putting off another Level 1 Sea Kayaking course, and to Jeff, Heather, Peter, Sharon, Robert, and Paul for your successful completion of the course.  

I enjoyed watching you guys progress from start to finish over the weekend.  I hope you all keep getting out there and practicing the things you learned, and decide to take it farther and learn things beyond what is taught at Level 1 in preparation of continuing on to take the Level 2 course later on.  Stay safe in your future kayaking endevours while you are having fun.  


  1. Excellent post Dean! It's great to have some extra help and added tips throughout the course. Even tho I'm teaching the course I'm new at it and still have a lot to learn myself. All the little things! I also really enjoy watching people's progression as the course goes on.
    Thanks buddy!

  2. After a while Shane I will teach you everything I know... but only after another long while... LOL. But seriously though, in watching you instruct I am learning and re-learning things as well... We all learn from each other out there... we are all in this thing together...