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Monday, November 13, 2017

2017: Post 19 – Catching up

My last post was two months ago, on September 11!!!  I was on vacation the latter half of September.  On Oct 7th and 8th I helped out Shane on his fourth Level 1 Sea Kayaking course but I neglected to post on that weekend.  

The next time I paddled after Shane's course was on Oct 21 when Shane, Tony, and I went out to St. Philips to play in the wind one morning... I only took one pic, preferring to keep my hands on my paddle... but click here to see Tony's pics of the morning.  


Between paddles I've been hitting the trails to get in more hiking, and got in a couple rides on my new bike.  I bought a Fat Bike 2.0 from Moose Bicycles... it was on sale (and still is until the end of November) and seemed like a good product at a good price... click here if you want to see the spec's.  I think I'm gonna have a bit of fun on this bike.

Shane and I did an overnight car-camping trip a couple weekends ago while the rest of the guys paddled in Cape Broyle..  Shane couldn't get away to do the paddle and my shoulder was bothering me so I passed on the paddle.  So we drove out to Turk's Gut later in the afternoon and set up our tents.  Shane nominated himself as camp cook, or maybe I did the nominating... but either way I told Shane that if he cooked it I would eat it... 



Today is the November 11th holiday so those of us who work were off.  The forecast called for low wind and so Tony got on the ball and organized a paddle in Bay Bulls.  I checked my log book and the last time I paddled there was in May of last year!  Can't believe it's been that long; it's a great place for a close to home paddle.  Anyway, here's some pics from the day....

It was a grand day.  It was chilly but sunny, and there was just enough swell to keep things interesting.  It was good to paddle with some of my 'ol paddling buddies.  But most especially it was good to get back on the water with North Cape Jenny.  I think she missed me as much as I missed her.


  1. Great to see you on the water again Dean. Hope you get over your shoulder issue soon and we get back to some serious paddling.

  2. Nice catch up blog Dean!! So good to get back on the water with all of you! I hope it happens more often again!! :)
    Great day! :)