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Saturday, April 23, 2011

2011: Post 11 – A little picture revenge

We paddled today from South Dildo to Southern Point, then crossed over to Dildo Island and then back to the put in; total of just over 22 kms by my GPS.  It was a beautiful sunny day with some wind, but we paddled mostly in the shelter from the west winds. 

I finally got to use my new camera.  I bought an Olympus 3000.  I got it on sale for just under 125 dollars, taxes in.  So today I got to get a little revenge on Tony and Clyde who have taken plenty of pictures of me on the water.  I must admit it was fun trying to look for good shots to take.  I read somewhere that you should just take lots of pics and hopefully you’ll get a few decent ones.  So I took 44 during the day.  Here’s a few I thought I would share.

Come on guys.  I got pictures to take...

Me taking a picture of Clyde taking a picture of Tony

Tony just paddling along

Just gotta rock hop

The picture taker gets caught

Hey Dean, please let me use one of your Greenland paddles?

If you jump you can use one Clyde...

Well, he did not jump but here he is really enjoying the GP

Okay, so maybe there aren't any photo of the month winner pictures in the bunch, but hey - you can only work with the subject matter that decides to paddle with you!!!  Thanks guys.  It was a fun day.


  1. Great shots Dean. Next time I'll make myself more presentable so you can't blame the subject!

    Tony :-)

  2. Great pictures of that Greenland paddle. If Tony had offered me his fibreglass Nordkapp, I may have jumped :)