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Sunday, May 1, 2011

2011: Post 12 – Bauline to Pouch Cove

Yesterday we paddled from Bauline to Pouch Cove - a one-way trip.  We had a good crew of eight.  The wind and swell was minimal.  There was rain, fog, eagles, seals, and even a whale.

My paddling partners for the day ->

Gerard.  GP forever, man!

Sean looking good in his plywood kayak

Tobias cooling off with the rain

Hey Stan, is that GP loaded

Clyde at Cripple Cove Rocks

Tony always happy to be on the water

Dennis, a recent GP convert

Some pictures during the trip ->

Put-in at Bauline

Clyde finally combined his love of paddling and his Tim's coffee

Hey guys... it's only a bit of rain

There is a whale in this picture

Kayakers just naturally tend to gravitate towards a waterfall

The fog. 
"Don't go into the fog!"

Lunch take-out  (half of us opted for the other side of the wharf)

Due to the steepness of the slipway the guys
helped each other back in their boats

Clyde was the last one off the slipway and
opted for a cowboy re-entry

Pouch Cove take-out. 
The hardest part of the day was
carrying the loaded boats up the slipway
to the cars above.


  1. You're getting the hang of that camera Dean *lol*

    Great paddle, great bunch and nice shots.

    Tony :-)