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Saturday, July 2, 2011

2011: Post 23 – Bellevue Beach to Chance Cove

Today was a KNL (Kayak Newfoundland and Labrador) club paddle, organized and lead by Tony Lee and Paul Benson.  There were nineteen participants who showed up for what turned out to be an sunny, warm, fun day on the water. 

We put-in at Bellevue Beach where the surf was dumping making getting on the water an interesting, but fun experience. 

Then we paddled to a little cove just before the community of Chance Cove where we got on the beach for lunch.  The caplin were rolling and and it was easy to get a meal of them if you were so inclined; some were inclined, the rest of us watched... or took pictures of the inclined.

After lunch we paddled on to Chance Cove and took a little on-water break before heading back to Bellevue Beach for a surf landing.

Here are some of the pictures I took of the day...




Tony Lee


Tony R


The inclined gathering up a meal of caplin

Caplin rolling in on the surf

...more inclination

Getting ready after lunch

Paddling in to Chance Cove


A short on-water rest at Chance Cove

on the way back to Bellevue Beach

helping hands makes for safe landing in the surf

...pushed a little sideways by the surf... nothing a little brace didn`t fix

Paul nicely side-surfed onto the beach

Alex waited for just the right wave to come ashore...

I think all hands would agree it was a fantastic day to be on the water.  We seen a lot of eagles, a couple whales, caplin rolling on the beach, some swell, some surf, and a little bit of wind, and a whole lot of fun...

Big thanks to Paul Benson and Tony Lee for the great day.

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