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Saturday, July 16, 2011

2011: Post 26 – Looking for whales…

The plan today was to look for whales.  We did not have a paddle plan… where to put in, where to have lunch, or how far we would paddle…. But seven of us met at the Foodland in Bay Bulls where we decided we would put in at Mobile and see if we could find some whales.  But none were to be seen today. 

But we did have a fun paddle.  It was about 16 C, mostly foggy during the day, but with moments of sunshine that were greatly appreciated.  There was increasing swell as we paddled to Tors Cove; deciding to paddle around Fox island as it looked a bit risky to go through The Gut.  

We regrouped after paddling around Fox Island and decided, since it wasn't quite lunch time yet, to paddle over to Ship Island. We paddled into the fog the short distance (about 1.5 km) by compass to a cove on the inside of Ship Island where we had lunch, hoping the fog would lift by the time we got back on the water.

After lunch we decided to head back across the cove, again by compass as the fog was too thick to see the land only about 3/4 km away, and then we continued hand-railing the shore toward Bauline South.  After some time we decided we had gone far enough and sat in the swell for a few minutes, then turned around and headed back.  

I enjoyed the paddle, the company, the swell, the waves crashing on the shore, and the events of the day...  I cannot say that I entirely enjoyed paddling in the fog; I prefer to have a visual point of reference.  But when you get a chance to get on the water with good paddling friends you paddle in whatever Mother Nature gives you for the day… 

Here are a few pictures to share….

The put-in







Lunch on Ship Island

Clyde and Neville



Tony and Gary

Sean and Neville

Clyde and Tony

Thanks to Tobias, Sean, Gary, Clyde, Tony R., and mostly to Neville for a memorable day...


  1. Dean:

    Nice shots. Gotta admit, this was one of the "bounciest" days on the water yet!!


  2. Yes Dean, nice shots, especially the one of Neville. What the hey, we didn't see whales but we had a challenging paddle. Thanks to everyone for sharing the day.

    Tony :-)

  3. it was a bouncy ride at places, Sean...

    Tony, I like that one of Neville as well - I think it was probably the best one I was able to get... A challenging paddle, yes, but all the crew we had yesterday have all spent a good deal of time at St. Phillips practicing in conditions, so it was not beyond anyone's paddling ability; certainly a good crew to paddle with...