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Sunday, October 23, 2011

2011: Post 48 – Three weeks is a long time

The last time I paddled was Oct 2 (see Post 44).  Since then some things had come up that kept me off the water and then I had a cold which turned into a flu that lasted 9 or 10 days.  I had missed a couple day paddles, I passed on a weekend camping trip, missed several Thursday practices, and passed on a club paddle yesterday.  But today, three weeks later, I finally got back on the water.

I met Tony and Gary at St. Philips and we decided to paddle over to Bell Island.  It was a sunny afternoon, about 12 C, and almost no wind.  There was a very gentle swell in the tickle as we paddled over and back.  We paddled over to Dominion Pier and paddled a few kilometers along the shore, past Scotia Pier, and then crossed back over for a total of 15 kilometers.

Here are a few pictures to share….

Slipway in St. Philips

Tony on the way over...

Gary on the way over...

We took a little rest on the right side of Dominion Pier

Gary hadn't paddled for a while and was happy he decided to come along

Tony picking his way through the piles at Dominion Pier

Gary bringing up the rear through the piles

This lone tree was somehow interesting to me,
but the picture just doesn't capture why.

What's left of Scotia Pier

Rusting Chain

Gary paddling past a waterfall

The water was very clear... there was at least six feet of water here!

Paddling along the cliffs of Bell Island

What a great way to spend the afternoon.  Of course we went for coffee at the restaurant in St. Philips when we got back.

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