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Saturday, February 11, 2012

2012: Post 2 – Finally got my kayak fix

Tony’s first offering for a paddle today was to go to Cape Broyle, but there was not a lot of interest from the invited.  Also, I could not devote more than my morning to a paddle today.  So instead the plan was changed to familiar St. Philips for a morning paddle.  Clyde showed up unexpectedly as we were getting on the water and we became a party of three.

Neither of us had paddled since we paddled together in Bay Bulls (see previous post).  So we all shared the same excitement to be getting back on the water today…

Clyde and I have plastic boats so we decided to seal launch down the snow and ice covered slipway.  Tony sat in his kayak with camera in hand waiting for us.  We think he was wishing to catch an incident on film… but we both stayed upright as we entered the water.  It was a fun start to the morning. 

On the slipway

Clyde seal launching...

... and Tony watching with camera ready

We took our time, rock-hopping, and chatting as we paddled almost to topsail beach.  With our plastic kayaks Clyde and I spent some time getting in close and we bottomed out a few times and ended up stranded on top of a rock or two along the way.  Tony’s kayak is FG so he tends to be a little more careful when in close, but I think he still may have scrapped her a couple times…

We turned around after about five kilometers and headed back, again taking our time... 

We washed up in the river at St Philips and went for a coffee afterwards...

It was just a short, relaxed morning paddle but the sea state allowed for some great fun.  Thanks guys for another enjoyable paddle.


  1. Good fun guys to get back on the water. Thanks.

    Tony :-)

  2. Nice to scratch the itch eh? Weather is not looking good for tomorrow unfortunately.