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Saturday, February 18, 2012

2012: Post 3 – One hundred percent GP

The plan was to head to Cape Broyle today to have a look at those frozen waterfalls and big icicles that Stan and Gerard had the pleasure of seeing last Saturday.  But it was not to be for me; as the weekend drew nearer I realized that I would not be able to devote the full day to paddling (same thing happened last Saturday).  I was thinking I might be alone Saturday morning somewhere.  But then Tobias e-mailed that he could only do a short, close to home paddle in the morning and then Sean was up for this as well… So we three paddled from St. Philips to Portugal Cove this morning.

This is always a fun paddle to do; it’s close to home, there are a couple little rivers along the way, and a bunch of places to play around the rocks.  Sometimes we will see a little bit of wildlife along the way, but we only seen an eagle today.  Now and then someone might make things a little interesting, but both Clyde and Gerard went to Cape Broyle so we had to make do…

Of his own free will (honest folks, there was no coercion from myself or Sean) Tobias requested the use of a Greenland paddle for today. The only Euro paddle in site was a spare that sat on the deck of Tobias’ kayak.  I think the conversion is slowly, but surely, coming along!!  I am thinking perhaps Clyde may be the next one… but I think Tony may be the most problematic but I do have proof of his foray into GPdom….

Anyway, here are a few pics of this morning’s paddle to share….

Getting ready

Don't think I have seen Tobias as happy with one of those
other paddles...  he is using one of Sean's creations...


Follow the leader...


I was trying to get a shot of the waves coming in
between the rocks and did not know the Bell Island ferry
made it into the picture until I got home....


Some play time

We had a lot of rain a few days ago but the little
 river at Beachy Cove was still flowing very nicely

The river at St. Philips had a good flow as well...

Thanks guys for another memorable paddle....  Good stick-work this morning Tobias... just remind one of us to bring one along again the next time we paddle together...

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  1. Thanks guys, it was great to be out again after such a long time. As I said, the Greenland paddle is excellent on the forward stroke, but I think my GP bracing needs some work in the pool...