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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2012: Post 10 – Cape Broyle paddle

I did not have to work today.  So Tony and I drove down to Cape Broyle to enjoy the promised weather.  It was calling for sunshine, 16 C, and south 30 km wind gusting to 50.  Well we certainly got the warm temperature and the sunshine.  But we were protected by the south winds as we paddled along the southern side of Cape Broyle.

A few pictures of the day...

The view looking out Cape Broyle Harbour

Getting a close view of the falls

Don't paddle into the light!!!

Another falls to play under

cringing from the cold fresh water...

The beach where we had lunch had plenty of sand...

... and plenty of sand the other way too.

When we got to Church Cove we felt the first effects of
the forecasted winds...

... and were pleasantly surprised to see a little
iceberg in the bottom of Church Cove.

Of course we had to check out Cathedral Cave
just past Church Cove before turning back.

A little high there, Tony...

... and a little tangled up too.

What happened to your kayak, buddy?
Some of the guys were in Cape Broyle a while ago but I wasn't able to make it.  I checked my log book and the last time I was there was March 5, 2011.  Where does the time go? 

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  1. Excellent paddle Dean on an absolutely beautiful day. Thanks!

    Tony :-)