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Saturday, April 21, 2012

2012: Post 12 – A new Bell Island paddler

The weather called for a nice day with low wind.  But it seemed we could not quite get people's schedule to coincide.  But Neville and I managed to connect and we met at St. Philips for a paddle over to Bell Island.  I have paddled across the tickle to the island several times, but Neville told me had never been to Bell Island before, let alone paddle over to it….

Heading over

At Dominion Pier

Dwarfed by the cliffs

Getting a look at the ferry that has just backed in

A very vertical cliff

One of the handfull of waterfalls to be seen

There is a cave at the north end of the island that has an exit at the other end (so I guess I really should call it a tunnel).  The last time I was here the water was more active and I did not go into the cave.  Today with the calm water I thought I might be able to pass through, but the tide was too low.  I did sit at the other end for a while hoping that a large enough swell might come in enough that would allow me to shoot through the rocks in my plastic kayak; I almost made an attempt at one point but decided to turn around and go back and then Neville came in to have a look…

The view from outside

Passage denied

We encountered an iceberg as we rounded the end of the island.  If I wasn’t under a time restraint to be back home we might have paddled over to get a closer look.  Instead we wnet to have a look at the other end of the cave (tunnel) before turning back…

I guessed it was about a 20 minute paddle to the iceberg,
but like Neville said, it is hard to judge the distence

The other end of the tunnel

By the time we got back to The Beach it was time to get out of our kayaks for a stretch.  There is a restaurant there and Neville graciously offered to buy me lunch...

What are we having, buddy?

Duh, fish and chips!!!  Did you think we
paddled over here for a sandwich?

We ate our lunch and lounged for a little bit in the sun before getting back in our kayaks for the trip back.  We paddled along the shore almost to Dominion Pier before turning to make the crossing back to St. Philips.

The view from our lunch spot

Heading back to St. Philips

Of course, we washed up in the river once we got back, loaded up the kayaks and gear, and then headed to the nearest Tim Horton’s for a coffee to finish off the day.

What a day for a paddle!  Thanks Neville, and thanks for the grub.  I'll bet the rest of the guys wished they had come along...


  1. I knew you guys were going to have an excellent paddle and I can see by the photos you did.

    Tony :-)

  2. Nice shot's. Havent been over there myself yet. We are planning a camping trip over to Kellys island this sat swinging up to bell island sun.