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Monday, May 7, 2012

2012: Post 13 – Cape Broyle, again…

… after paddling in Cape Broyle just two and a half week ago with Tony on a beautiful sunny day, I paddled it again yesterday.  But this time there was no sun and I had different paddling partners for the day - Clyde, Hazen, and Gerard… 

The pics:
getting ready

you can see the blade of Clyde or Hazen's paddle over the swell....

We stopped in Lance Cove for a little break.
Gerard is always ready to help with landing...

Clyde is just fine....

... but Gerard helps out anyway.

the guys chatting on the beach in Lance Cove

Hazen getting off the beach

'Yee haw' conditions on the way to Church Cove

We had lunch in the fog in Church Cove
I'm sad to say there was a dead horse on the beach in
Church Cove... quite an odd thing to see when paddling

back at the starting point

Except for coming across the dead horse, it was a great paddle... Thanks guys


  1. Interesting conditions after you left Lance Cove. I guess you didn't get into Cathedral Cave?

    Sorry I missed it.

    Tony :-)

  2. Actually, Tony, once you got out of the bottom of Cape Broyle just past the narrows, we started to feel the effect of the swell. It intensified the further out the bay we paddled... and no, we did not even attempt to go to Cathedral cave... we didn't get into any caves at all. Conditions were quite opposite to when you and I did it a couple weeks ago. You certainly did miss a good paddle, and you were also missed on this paddle as well - you'd have enjoyed the conditions.