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Saturday, May 12, 2012

2012: Post 14 – Little paddles are big fun

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.  So there likely will not be any paddling happening.  Tony e-mailed to see if anybody wanted to meet at St. Philips for a little fun in the waves.  Sadly, there was just myself and Tony interested and so we met at 10:30 this morning at the slipway.

Tony hit the water first and headed out into the cove.  Just as I got on the water Sean showed up with his new Black Pearl! 

I missed the inaugural wetting of his new kayak on Thursday past and was very pleased to see him show up with it.  Except in pictures, this was the first time I have seen it in person.  Very nice looking piece of work…

I paddled out to let Tony know we had a third and he was as pleased as I was that Sean showed up with his new boat.  When Sean got on the water we decided to put our bows into the wind and waves and headed toward Topsail beach for a little paddle.

Most of my pictures taken were of Sean...

Okay, I guess I should at least add one of Tony…

And here are both the guys together...

We only paddled about four kilometres toward Topsail Beach.  But it was a really fun four kilometres with the wind and wave action we had.  It was really fun to watch Sean put his new kayak through some paces too. 

Sean and myself followed the shore back.  Tony opted to paddle out into the bay to take full advantage of the wind in his back.  Just amazing how fast he flew back to the cove… just might have to get me one of those Nordkapp’s one day!!

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  1. Excellent short paddle today Dean. And, Sean is the guy in the pointy boat!

    Tony :-)