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Saturday, June 16, 2012

2012: Post 18 – Waves and Whales

Anyone want to go to Middle Cove to check out the iceberg?  That was the hook Tony used in his e-mail a couple days ago.  So three of us took the bait and we met in Middle Cove this morning.

Well, the iceberg that was there had moved off.  But the water was active and we could see humpbacks spouting from the shore.  Excitement took over at the prospect of seeing some whales.

A few pics from the day:

Tony was the first one off the beach

Tobias heading toward Tor Bay

Clyde likes to get in close

But there were areas that you had to keep your distance 

Look! A whale!

The guys waiting for another whale appearance
There's one!
Look, another!

Tony in a trough

Torbay Point

Heading into Outer Cove
We had a snack on this little beach in Outer Cove

Almost back to Middle Cove

Today was this year's first whale encounter for me.... Thanks guys for another exciting day...

Check out Tony's blog entry on today

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  1. Excellent shots of today's paddle Dean.

    Tony :-)