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Sunday, June 24, 2012

2012: Post 20 – A bunch of 'firsts’

Today was our first paddle of the official summer season (summer beginning on June 21st).   It was the first time that Clyde used his new Greenland paddle in the ocean and the first time that I used one of my Greenland paddles that I had made last year.  Unless my memory has failed me, it was the first time I have seen Gary try a Greenland paddle and it was the first time I have seen Tony decide to give a Greenland paddle a really good try.  And it was the first time I have seen Gerard’s new kevlar Nordkapp LV….sweeet!

The pics:

The put-in

Gerard's new kayak

Clyde's new Greenland paddle

Kelly's Island was enveloped in fog about
about three and a half kilometres straight ahead

Clyde and Tony

Although we did not paddle a long distance it was noon by
the time we got to Martin's Cove.  By the time we finished
lunch the fog had lifted.

We climbed up to look down on Martin's Cove
(Bell Island is in the distance).

Getting back on the water.


Tony switched between the GP and his Euro during the trip


We had pulled up on the beach just as we rounded the
west end of the island and climbed up for a look...

Just chillin'...

When we came back down Clyde decided to give Gerard's new
kayak a little spin.  I think he was both impressed and envious.

Tony talking to the sailboat owner's.

Gary trying Gerard's carbon fibre GP 

GP cowboys riding their kayaks back to the beach..

You have to admit guys, it was such a GP (great paddle)....


  1. Looked like another civil day out there! Wish I could have made it out; alas plastering took priority (somehow...I blame my wife)

  2. Ya Dean it was a GP. I'm not sure the GP is the answer for me but possibly a crank paddle may be.

    Thanks to you and Clyde for letting me try yours.

    Tony -)