If you just go for a paddle than you can stop thinking about wanting to go for a paddle.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

2012: Post 22 – Another new Bell Island paddler

Tobias sent an e-mail that he was itching to get on the water.  Truth is, other than getting to one Thursday practice, I haven't paddled since July 15... So I was itching to get on the water too; especially since our Merasheen trip is coming up in a week and it would be a good idea to rotate the old torso a bit before next Saturday morning comes...  

We decided on a crossing to Bell Island - always an enjoyable paddle.  And this would be Tobias' first crossing.  We would paddle over and have fish and chips for lunch, then paddle back... sork of work for our lunch...

Four of us met at St. Philips before noon and headed over...

Gary ready to go.  I think this was Gary's third trip across the tickle..
I was there for his first trip.

C'mon, Clyde... Gary's ready to go...
The paddle over was nothing spectacular... no whales or anything like that.  Just paddling.  Gary checked his watch when we got there.  We made very good time as we had a bit of wind behind us to help push us along...  

Tobias at Dominion Pier

Three Amigos

At this point I have to mention that three of the four of us were using Greenland paddles.  I have been using one for about two and a half years now, Clyde switched over a few months ago, and Tobias has recently switched as well.  Both Clyde and Tobias are using paddles made by our paddling buddy, Sean.  Gary used one of Gerard's a while back and was impressed enough that he asked Sean to make him one as well...  We'll get them all converted after a while, Sean.... was it 7% sales commission we agreed on??


The guys with the Bell Island ferry in the background

Gary and Tobias
When we got just past the ferry terminal it was time to take-out on the beach and then to take-out some fish and chips for lunch... I guess I was too interested in my food because I neglected to get my camera and get a shot of lunch!!!

Getting back on the water after lunch
Again, the paddle back to St. Philips was just paddling, so no pictures... When we got back in the cove we mulled around for a little bit and then headed for the beach.

Clyde and Gary
Clyde had recently discovered a little hole in his neck gasket and did a repair on it.  So he decided he should get in the water to test it out.  I think maybe he also was a little warm after the paddle and wanted to cool off...

Well, guys, we only paddled just under 12 kilometres and probably took in more calories then we burned off.  But you have to admit that it was a great day for a paddle to Bell Island... it certainly beat the heck out of staying home and painting windows!!!  -- sorry Tony - just couldn't help myself... all in jest... but I'll bet you agree with me...


  1. Yup, I'd have rather been paddling but sometimes I can be a responsible person and do what needs to be done. Its not as much fun I'm making up for past over-indulgences. I looked for you guys as you were crossing but couldn't make you out even with the binocs. You have a good day for the crossing

    Tony :-)

  2. Nice to see those paddles getting used. Gary's is here and ready to go!!


  3. yeah, Sean... I don't think either Clyde or Tobias will go back to the Euro... they seem to be very happy with the GP in general, and with the GP's you made for them specifically...