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Friday, August 17, 2012

2012: Post 23b - Merasheen Island – Day 2

See Post 23a for Day 1...

I did not sleep well, despite the previous long day; I generally do not sleep well when camping.  Then it was morning time and time to get up and get moving.
Hazen stetches into the morning 

Today we would paddle to Merasheen.  First to Merasheen Harbour for a look, and then a few more kilometres around West Head, Margaret Point, and then Dunn Point into Little Merasheen Harbour to where we would camp for the night. 
It was a beautiful calm morning to be on the water…
Looking down Rose au Rou Island

Tony and Clyde in mirrored water

We paddled into Indian Harbour, then Darby Harbour and continued down the coastline.  Conditions were calm and I was in a paddling mood.  So I decided I was going to just paddle ahead of the guys until I got to Hogan Cove where we agreed we would take a break. 
A couple of kilometres before reaching Hogan Cove I came across a couple seals on the shore.  One was camera shy and slipped into the water, the other posed pretty for the camera…

I reached Hogan Cove and had pulled up on the rocky beach in front of an old cabin. Tony was only a few minutes behind, I guessed he was in a paddling mood as well.  “There’s a sandy beach just down here” he called out as he paddled past.  I had been hugging the shore and had not noticed the sandy beach farther along.  So I jumped back in my kayak and followed…

The others guys showed up a little later…

We had a little rest on the sandy beach and then carried on to Dirty Rock Cove where we had lunch.  From there we paddled across the southern end of Merasheen Island in calm conditions.  Finally Merasheen Harbour was in site... 
Just before reaching Merasheen Harbour

Tony and I were ahead of the other three guys and we had had our look into the harbour by the time the guys came along.  So we decided to carry on to our campsite at Little Merasheen Harbour about another three kilometer around the headland while the guys had their look.  Those last three kilometres seemed to take a long time...  We all had a little swim in the cool water of the cove and then relaxed for a while before having supper. 


Hazen and Neville


Clothesline, compliments of Neville 

A little while later a caribou crossed the meadow behind our tents but I didn`t get a picture of that one.  But later on another one stopped to have a look at us from the hill above our tents. I did get a picture of that one…

The last time I seen a site similar to this I was a teenager.
It was in the middle of February in Labrador,
somewhere around the Menihek Lakes area

Neville had pitched his tent more toward the middle of the beach while the rest of us had set ours up closer to the side of the hill.  We talked him into moving his tent closer to us, thinking with the forecasted wind direction we would be a little better protected nearer the hill…
Tony helping Neville carry his tent

Once darkness came it was time to light up the collected firewood and have a couple more drinks…
Neville relaxing by the glow of the fire

I hoped to sleep better after two long days of paddling...

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  1. Sunday was a beautiful day as your shots clearly show. Placentia Bay is not all fog! Nice shot of the caribou. The older the stag the .... *lol*

    Tony :-)