If you just go for a paddle than you can stop thinking about wanting to go for a paddle.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

2013: Post 15 – A weekend short paddle

Clyde, Neville, Hazen, and I paddled from St. Philips to Portugal Cove this morning... Here's some pics to share....


The boys






Clyde and Hazen taking out in Portugal Cove

The ferry was pulling in as we were getting back on the water

Before we knew it waves created from the ferry were
coming on shore making things a little interesting

This is what fellow looks like just a few
days before his retirement from work

And this is what a fellow looks like
who is just chillin' after a paddle...

St. Philips to Portugal is only about five kilometres each way.  But it is always a fun little paddle when your with a few good-natured paddling buddies...

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