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Sunday, May 5, 2013

2013: Post 18 – Ocean paddling

Today we paddled from Flatrock to Shoe Cove....  

The map

There was still some fog hanging around when I pulled into Flatrock

Getting ready on the slipway

Da boys heading across Flatrock Cove

There was a good swell running creating some clapitus

Tony paddling uphill

Tony and Sean

Waves crashing

Brian, Tony, and Neville

Pouch Cove in the distance

Shoe Cove... our destination for Sunday lunch

Shoe Cove was well protected from the swell

Getting ready for the return paddle

One of the waterfalls along the way...

Sean, Brian, and Tony coming into the slipway at Flatrock

and here comes Neville

I noticed on the drive home the temperature on my car's display read 19 C.  I don't know if summer is upon us just yet, but today it certainly felt like summer paddling... 

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  1. You captured a better feel of the seas than I did Dean. Excellent paddle today. Thanks to everyone for sharing the day.

    Tony :-)