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Friday, May 17, 2013

2013: Post 20 – A run up to Topsail Beach

This afternoon Tony and I took a run up to Topsail beach from St. Philips. 

Some pics to share....  

It was very calm on the way up and we took our time

We got into most of the nooks and crannies  along the way

Some spots were a little tight

We took out at Topsail Beach and Tony produced some
extremely tasty homemade oatmeal cookies for a snack.

On the way back we met Barb, a fellow kayaker.  She has not been doing much paddling and expressed interest to get back into it.  So we suggested perhaps she could start coming to the Thursday practices to help get back into kayak mode.   She told us she had thought about coming before but felt intimidated as all the guys there were far more experienced than her!!

Well, she certainly has the wrong impression of our Thursday practices and we attempted to assure her these practices are as much for novices as they are for more experienced paddlers.  There is no agenda as to what to do.  It is a chance to get (and keep) those kayaking muscles in paddling shape, to practice skills previously learned, learn some new skills, or maybe teach some things you know to others.  The weekly practices serve as a way to socialize with other people who share the kayaking passion.  You can just sit in your kayak and float all evening, have a chat to catch up with others, paddle in circles, tow someone across the cove, or jump out and let someone practice rescuing you.  Mostly we just goof around and have a bit of fun.

Sitting on the beach enjoying a nice Friday evening is just great.
But I would much prefer to be the person in a kayak talking to
the person on the shore...  Hope to see you on Thursdays, Barb.
We continued hand-railing down the shore...

And you know, despite the size of the ocean, sometimes there just isn't enough water under your hull...

Well, that was another fun, relaxing paddle down to familiar Topsail Beach...

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