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Sunday, July 14, 2013

2013: Post 34 – Sunday paddle

Last night I looked at the weather forecast.... it was calling for west 10 km wind in  the morning.  I thought it would be a lovely morning to paddle out of St. Philips even though we had paddled on Saturday (see Post 33).  I contemplated e-mailing Tony to see if he might be interested, but as it was a little on the late side I figured he would not likely be checking his e-mails.  I decided I would wait until the morning to see if I felt like paddling and, if so, I could just give Tony a call to see if he was interested....

Then later I checked my e-mail before turning off my computer.  There was an e-mail from Tony wondering if I was interested in a short paddle out of St. Philips Sunday morning... You know what they say about great minds and fools...  Don't know about Tony but I cannot recall ever being accused of having a great mind...

So we met this morning before 9 am and took our time paddling to Topsail Beach.

It was a warm morning and Tony cooled off in the little river once we arrived at Topsail Beach.

It was just too warm to paddle hard so we took our time paddling back to St. Philips.  

Not too long after leaving Topsail Beach I looked outward and seen something floating, but couldn't decide what it was; I was thinking maybe a tree or log with a branch sticking out... I asked Tony if he had any idea what it was and he said he couldn't make it out either but thought it might be a buoy leaning to one side...  So we paddled out to it.  I guess Tony's eyes are better than mine, or perhaps it's time to change my glasses because long before we got close to it I could see Tony's guess was right on the money... 

... and then as usual we rinsed off the sea water in the river once we got back to St. Philips.

We encountered a couple of kayakers putting in at  St. Thomas Cove on the way up, and another kayaker putting in when we got back to St. Philips. Of course we put in a few words about the paddling club and the Thursday practices...  Maybe there will be a couple new club members and maybe we will see a couple more people take advantage of Thursday evenings... Maybe.

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  1. Another 14 kms under our belt and a completely enjoyable morning. I left my camera home with intention of just taking a relaxing paddle but yu have it well documented.

    Tony :-)