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Saturday, July 27, 2013

2013: Post 37 – Hot Paddlers

We made a plan to paddle out of Tors Cove today. At the put-in it was shaping up to be one of those hot, sunny, July days.  You know the ones...  it's really too hot for paddling but the desire to get in the kayak again is just to overpowering. 

Tony's blog entry tells the tale of the day so I'm just mostly gonna post some pics...

Put-in at Tors Cove

(it was good to have G-man back on the water with us)

(been a long time since Derrick paddled with us too)

Passage to Southern Cove

Almost through...

Tony coming through the smaller passage

Sean, G-man, and Gary

Tony coming into LaManche

Not a lot of water flowing from LaManche River

Take-out for lunch
Okay, funny story.  Sean made a bologna sandwich for his lunch but was in a bit of a hurry this morning.  When he bit into his sandwich he discovered he had forgotten to add the bologna!! 

Sean and his no-bologna sandwich

The guys having lunch

Tony chillin' after lunch

G-man finding a little action


If there's a cave along the way your
almost certain to find G-man in it

There's an eagle in this picture...



The guys

Today was the hottest day I've paddled yet this year.  The temperature peaked at about 30 C, but almost 40 C with the humidex factored in!! If we had any sense we would have just stayed home and drank cold beer... actually, if had better sense we would have brought cold beer with us...

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