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Saturday, January 18, 2014

2014: Post 2 – First paddle of this year

For this year's first paddle we had almost no wind and a temperature of right around 0 C...  It would of been a good day to paddle anywhere around our neck of the woods, but we decided to do a short paddle close to home - we chose our familiar route from St. Philips to Topsail Beach. 

A few pics to share...



(this is one of those 'put the camera behind the neck and click' shots)


Three paddling amigos

The river flowing from the lagoon at Topsail Beach

Tony and Brian

The young boy within each of us compelled us to carry our kayaks over the beach into the lagoon and then ride the little river back to the salt water...  Brian went first (so I did not get a pic of him), but I was second and waited for Neville and Tony  with my camera ready, just in case someone took take a spill... 



... with the bit of swell coming in and the water rushing out it created some waves now and then that could have knocked a fellow over... but all paddlers made it safely out of the little rivers current without incident, and so we poked our way along the shore back to St. Philips where Tony treated us to coffee.

Thanks Neville, Brian, and Tony for a fun and relaxing paddle this morning. 

Well there you have it... our first paddle for 2014 is now under the hull.  Neville's truck has been started, and this year's paddling adventure has begun!!

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  1. Only 986 kms to go! It was a good start to the paddling year.

    Tony :-)