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Saturday, May 17, 2014

2014: Post 12 – A berg in Bay Bulls

Clyde had a few hours to spare this morning and sent out an e-mail to see if anyone was interested in a short paddle in Bay Bulls.  Only Gary and I answered the call.

I checked the Icefinder website and it was showing a berg near North Head but when we arrived in Bay Bulls it was actually on the other side off of South Head... I guess it must have moved since the last time it was entered on the site.  As we rounded the head there was a much smaller iceberg (called a 'bergy bit') against the shore and there were smaller bergy bits and little pieces of ice floating in the water.  It was evident the smaller berg and the pieces had come off of the larger iceberg... a good sign that the weather is finally warming up around here, and also a sign that these bergs are becoming unstable as they melt in the warmer weather.

I took lots of pics other than of the icebergs but figured I would just post some shots of the bergs as it was the primary focus for the morning, and there will be lots of non-ice berg pics later in the season when they have all gone from our shores....

My pics to share...

The iceberg in the distance

...getting closer


Clyde with the smaller berg near the shore

... getting closer

The iceberg looked interesting from this side...

... but not so much from this side.



The smaller berg

An inside view of the smaller berg

Heading back toward the iceberg...
We paddled across the bay to the north side and followed the shore up to a little beach past Bread and Cheese Point where we took out for a lunch.  Clyde and Gary had a rougher landing in the surf but I lucked out as things calmed down for me to land (or maybe I was just a little more patient).  While we were enjoying the sun and having lunch some larger swells came in and so I shot a bit of video....

We all agreed it was a great day for Gary's very first paddle of this year... 


  1. Excellent! How far offshore was the larger berg?

    Tony :-)

  2. Nowhere at all from the point, Tony... quite a fun paddle, but then Bay Bulls always is. I don't know why we don't do it more often.