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Sunday, May 18, 2014

2014: Post 13 – Bergs in Torbay

This morning Tony, Gary and I put in at Middle Cove and paddled to Torbay to check out the ice bergs...

Tony and Gary with the larger ice berg behind them

It's hard to resist touching a bergy bit...

... and harder still to not try to run your kayak up on them!!!

Underwater shot of the above small berg

Not the largest one today, but this was had interesting features

The side of the berg above... I wondered if this side
was once on the bottom and the grooves came from
scraping the ocean floor...


Gary and Tony checking out another bergy bit

And of course, some pics of the largest iceberg in Torbay today...

The thought did occur to me to put down my camera and paddle
into the lagoon and through the opening on the other side...

We continued along the foggy shoreline after having our fill of the icebergs in Torbay.

We took out on the slipway in Flatrock for a little break and a snack.

The fog remained as we retraced our path back down the shore.

When we arrived at Torbay we had another brief look at the larger iceberg before making our way back to Middle Cove.

The berg had rotated about 90 degrees counter-clockwise from
its position when we were checking it out a couple hours earlier...

Right now there are plenty of bergs around, so there will likely be more iceberg paddles forthcoming... they are fascinating to look at from the seat of a kayak.

(See Tony's account of the morning's paddle...)


  1. That was wise of you not to paddle through the berg.

    Tony :-)

  2. Yes.. it's really not a safe thing to do. You have to resist such temptations. I was glad I talked you out of doing the same.