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Monday, August 25, 2014

2014: Post 28 – Paddling under the weather

I awoke Sunday morning, still not feeling overly well, but the low-grade fever I had the night before was gone.  I got myself a cup of tea to soothe my sore throat.  The guys would be meeting at Bauline in less than two hours.  I sat at the kitchen table thinking I should eat some breakfast, but just couldn't stomach anything other than my tea, and a couple of Advil.

After I finished my tea I went down into the basement and had another look at my neck gasket replacement (see previous post). Then I went outside to see what kind of day it was; not much wind, nor cold either.  I went out back to the shed where I heard a whisper, "the fresh air will do us some good."  In my mind I said "Okay Jenny, you talked me into it... we'll go for a paddle..."  Besides, it would be a good day to try out my all-cedar paddle that I had made last fall, but only got around to finishing it with Corey's Amazing Tung Oil a couple weeks ago...

So I secured my kayak to the roof rack, went into the house and threw my gear together, jumped in the car, and headed off to Bauline to meet the guys...


The plan was to leave a car in Bauline and drive to Pouch Cove for the put-in.  Tony has already done his blog entry on the paddle so there is not much to add... click here for his take on the day.  I had done this paddle back in 2011, but we went from Bauline to Pouch Cove... click here for my entry on that day.

Here are a few of my pictures, and a video, to share...

The put-in at Pouch Cove
Carrying Des's kayak down the slipway

Des was the first to seal launch, then I went

I waited at the bottom of the slipway with camera in hand,
just in case there was an undesirable event.  But Tony
did a very neat  job launching without any help.   

Des and Tony underway

The swell landing on Biscayan Islands

Cape St. Francis

Tony trying to hide from my camera

Tony and I like to paddle closer to shore....

... but Des seems to prefer to paddle farther out.

A few kilometres from Bauline we came upon a little cove.  I needed to pee and decided to jump out.  Tony waited, keeping an eye on Des farther down the shore.  I thought I had my kayak pulled up far enough, but just as I was finishing my business I heard a swoosh of water and when I turned around my kayak was being sucked out into the cove.  I made a tentative dash for it over the rocks and very nearly had my hand on the bow, but then it was gone out my reach.  If I had my relief zipper closed I would have made a jump for it.  So instead I called out to Tony to come and retrieve Jenny for me. 

The real funny part is that I was on shore taking pictures of Jenny floating away from me and Tony was in his kayak taking pictures of the captain-less kayak before getting her for me.  We joked about how the priority with us seems to be to first get pictorial evidence for the blog of such events, and then spring into action to rectify a situation...

Tony coming to save Jenny

Tony just before we reached Bauline

Des was already on the slipway when
we pulled in to the little harbour

All hands safe and sound 

It was a fun day that provided some more good kayaking memories.  I still have my sore throat today, but Jenny was absolutely right... the fresh air yesterday did do us some good. 

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