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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

2014: Post 29a – Club Camping Trip - Day 1

Last October a few of us did a trip to Gulch Pond... click here for that post.  During that trip Hazen (Old Wobbly) and I discussed the location as a possibility for the next year's Level 2 Club Camping Trip.  There was another location discussed but it involved a farther drive.  So Gulch became the location... 

Initially, we had planned to do this trip a few weekends ago, but there was little interest then and both Hazen and I had car issues at the time.  So the trip was postponed until the Labour Day weekend...

And so, counting Old Wobbly and I, six of us met at Garden Cove in Placentia Bay on Saturday morning for the start of a three day kayaking adventure.


From Garden Cove we crossed over to Bloody Point (on Sound Island) and paddled on the inside channel past the islands of Sound, Woody, Little Woody, and most of Barhaven, until we reached the campsite at Gulch Pond...

The put-in at Garden Cove



Lee                                                                            Ron

Hazen posing for me at another waterfall

Julie                             Tony


We pulled up on a beach for lunch about
a kilometre before Rattling Brook Falls

Tony at Rattling Brook Falls

... and of course Old Wobbly begged me to take his
picture of him in front of another waterfall

We pulled into La Plante Cove for a little break

We all got out for a stretch, except for Tony.  I knew
he was interested in getting on down the shore... the day
was getting on and soon it would be supper time.

When we left La Plante Cove, Tony was ahead.  I knew from there he would just go into his own zone and would not stop until he got to the campsite.  I watched him pulling away with his steady paddling pace I've seen so many times.  I judged his distance and knew I would catch him if I gave in to the urge to up my cadence and push on the foot pegs.   Jenny told me she wanted to go, but I had to hold her back and so we let Tony and Stardust have the water all to themselves.  My place for today was with Hazen and the group.  This would be my challenge for the weekend... to keep Jenny reigned in.   Tony went around a rock and I knew that would be the last we would see of him until we got to Gulch Pond.  I kept thinking I should have given him my tent to put up when he got there... now that would have made for a good story around campfires of future camping trips...

Gulch Head

When we arrived at Gulch Pond the tide was flowing out. Where there was enough water the current was too much to paddle against, where there was less current there wasn't enough water.  We had to walk our kayaks into the pond... 

Camp life ensued...

Tents went up.

Firewood was cut

Happy hour began

Food was prepared

Salmon fillets went over the fire

Lee did an excellent job of flipping the fillets
over without having them fall apart

My supper: a piece of salmon fillet, boiled
baby potatoes, and canned mixed vegetables

We had a bit of medicine to help with digestion as we fed the fire. 

Before it was too late into the night we each went to our tents.  Some of us went directly to sleepy land, others of us only visited for short periods at a time... but I'd bet a nice salmon fillet that nobody was wondering if the traffic lights were still working back at home...

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